uman Powered Trails, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is:  “To develop and maintain first class sustainable and environmentally correct, human-powered, shared use trails for the La Crosse, WI region."


Seasonal Trail Closure
News - Trail Conditions
Written by Dan Luebke   

It's that time of year (finally!). With the Spring thaw taking its sweet time arriving, we were worried trail season might never begin. While we organize volunteer lists and work days, we ask that you wait until the trails have dried out and hardened up before hitting the dirt. Ruts and footprints left in squishy dirt will freeze, thaw, then dry rock hard into a misshapen tread that will have to be fixed by volunteers who would rather be building new trails.

Please observe these temporary trail closures!


Here are some places to ride and hike until the trails dry out
The marsh trails.
Pammel Creek Trail.
Pettibone loop (until high water).
The Houska to Green Island trail.

Other places include Riverside Park, Fisherman's road and Blackriver spillway, cemetery with paved roads, and other townships and towns close to La Crosse, have some paved trails.

Remember Winter fondly with these:

Fat Bike Best Practices

Transition Time for Human Powered Trails, Inc.
News - Admin Updates
Written by Marvin Wanders   
Transition, growth, change and protection are all words that come to mind when we look at the end of year 2011 and start making progress towards a successful year 2012 and beyond.

After months of strategic planning and hard work, in November of 2011, the HPT Board of Directors made a decision to greatly expand and broaden the vision of HPT to benefit our silent sports and regional community. Within the focus are all of the silent sports we love; hiking, trail running, cross country skiing, singletrack mountain biking, road biking, snow shoeing, bird watching, dog walking, canoeing, kayaking and many more.  Initially, this focus will be on developing silent sports infrastructure in the City of La Crosse and La Crosse County emphasizing Land Trails, Blue (water) Trails, and Road Trails.  The development of this infrastructure will lead to expanded opportunities for accessibility to outdoor activities for more citizens of all abilities, better mapping and signage, more and new shared use land trails, and additional and improved canoe and kayak landings.

In order for this new vision to move forward,

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